Dissenting Voices is a loose collaboration of individuals, from the academic, legal and business worlds, to occasionally publish papers on topics of interest.

This is a publishing site for papers on a variety of projects. There will be usually at least one or two curators; to provide consistency across a text where styles might otherwise clash and seem discordant.

It is hoped the process of curation will reveal the working out of ideas and arguments with each paper written over time, through many drafts, not the quick blog piece of a spare hour.

Those contributing to any one paper may come from a variety of backgrounds. The curation process itself is a conversation in creation, but it is intended to be light touch and encouraging to a diversity of thinking, perhaps even in a single paper. There is no one voice or single position.

Those contributing may wish that contribution to be anonymous or not. Each to their own.

There is no timetable for publication. There is no list of topics. No monopoly on ideas for the next paper.